Friday, October 6, 2006

Plants Just Want to be Free

While at Home Depot, Forrest and I were trying to get to the potting soil that was blocked by a bunch of boxes. Forrest suddenly noticed that the boxes contained live plants! I pointed out to him on plant trying to escape.

Along with the potting soil, we bought a rectangular planter box and some daffodil bulbs. We have delusions of a little garden to keep my ivy company, you see.

We stopped by the grocery store and picked up a head of garlic and a red shallot -- less than half the price that Home Depot wanted to charge for putting them in a bag and giving us instructions on how to plant them. We don't know whether our grocery store foodstuff will grow (though I can vouch for potatoes, heh), but we figure it's worth a try and it might be cool.