Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Siniestro Mu y Las Vacas Lobotómicas

So Forrest and I were going through boxes, putting away things, when Forrest found a scrap of paper with some Spanish written on it. He told me to search YouTube for it, at which point we stopped cleaning to watch La Tortuga Manuelita. Many clicks of "related" videos later, we came across El Baile de las Vacas:

After recovering from the hypnotic effects of the video, we watched one more on YouTube (Siniestro Mu, El Jingle) before just googling broadly for all the info we could find. (We're not warped or demented, no sir...)

The only two sites with actual animated content that I could find were:
The official site for El Show de Siniestro Mu y Las Vacas Lobotómicas. It has 3 episodes and 3 comics. ¡Quiero más episodios!
YouTube user siniestromu
This user has uploaded 7 short clips to YouTube. This is all his fault that you're being exposed to it now.

Various newspaper articles (in Spanish) say it's a Saturday morning cartoon from Panama. Where can I get it?? My Google-fu does not seem to be strong enough for this one. :(

This is more or less how I got into Veggietales. Does not bode well. ;)


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

ack! there is no way this is cooler than VeggieTales. VeggieTales rock! Your las vacas lobotomicas really ARE loco en la cabeza. :-)

I fear for your sanity, my hija.

Anonymous said...

This song.
Rock band.