Wednesday, February 11, 2009

20 Finance Questions

One of the personal finance blogs I read is "I Will Teach You To Be Rich." Ramit (the blog's author) posted an interesting list a couple days ago: 20 questions that your financially unprepared friends are afraid of. Check it out.

It's really too bad talking about money is such a touchy topic; I find that I usually learn something when I talk to others about finances. But I have to judge whether it's safe to breach the topic in the first place. Frank discussions are unfortunately rare, apart from talking with my dad.


Lisa R said...

Frank discussions about money for me usually end up with the other person saying I'm rich. Woo.

One of my roomie's party guests said I was rich after learning my parents live in Walnut Creek. Gotta love the folks in Sacramento.

Arthaey Angosii said...

I don't mean "frank discussions" in the sense of "how much do you make?" or "what's your net worth?" (although that can be the basis for questions about how they got there and what you can learn from them).

I meant questions about why they choose to do the things they do with money. Perhaps they've never thought about why in the first place. Or perhaps they've deeply considered it and you could learn a thing or two from their thoughts.

As to WC vs Sacto, keep these facts in mind... In Walnut Creek, the median income for a household is $76,522 and it's $106,942 for a family. In Sacramento, the median income for a household is $37,049 and it's $42,051 for a family. So it's entirely reasonable for someone from Sacramento to assume you're "rich", comparatively speaking. On average, you would be.

But again, a raw numbers comparison wasn't quite the sort of discussion I had in mind. I'm more interested in why people do the financial things they do.

smanoli said...

I wouldn't mind discussing at least some of those questions w/ you if you're up for it. AIM would probably be the best bet :).