Friday, April 15, 2011

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  • @Eeveelyn said: I need to start publishing more conlang stuff. I keep working on it in an offline way. I'm so bad at sticking with blogs! [ 7:14 AM]
  • @I said: @Eeveelyn What #conlang(s) do you work on? And you don't have to have a blog that needs "regular" updates. Just a static site will do. :) [ 1:05 PM]
  • @giynlith said: An R-sound in German: "The sound approaches a dry gargle." Hehehe. [ 3:35 PM]
  • @I said: @giynlith What, [ʁ] or "voiced uvular fricative" aren't good enough explanations for ya? ;) #deutschlernen [ 7:54 PM]

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