Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And then a Nothing Goes Right day

So Sunday was a good day; Monday I actually spent working from home and fighting with non-functioning drivers and keyboards. Today continues downward.

I woke up late, not feeling rested at all, and scrambled off to my follow-up dental appointment. My absence-of-teeth are doing fine, but for the 3 to 6 weeks it'll take to heal, I have to squirt water into the sockets after each meal. After that, I got my last pain meds prescription filled, just to keep them on hand. (Neener neener, Aaron. :) Then I went over to the Virginia Mason hospital (through the wrong entrance, oops) to sit on hold on their dedicated appointment-scheduling phone. At least I got an appointment.

I get home at 10:30 -- later than I'd hoped, but still within the range that I normally get in to work. Except there are FOUR cars in the alley blocking my garage. I left a note on the U-Haul and called to let Gaurav know what's up. And we have an All Hands at noon! An hour and 2 checks later, the cars haven't moved.

I figured by this point driving in to work was a lost cause, so I looked up the bus schedule. If I left RIGHT THEN, I could still catch the one bus that goes to work. So I switch into my Vans -- I can wall faster in them than in my boots -- and hustled downtown. But when I got there, the little old lady at the bus stop said I'd just missed the bus. Arg!

I consoled myself with a lemon car and mocha while waited the half hour for the next bus. I'm on said bus now, almost to work. Of course, now I have a headache. :( I just can't win today.


John Cowan said...

Ja, mach nur einen Plan!
Sei nur ein großes Licht!
Und mach dann noch ’nen zweiten Plan
Gehn tun sie beide nicht.
     --Brecht, "The Ballad of the Inadequacy of Human Planning"

In (I think) the Louis Untermeyer translation:

So make yourself a plan
And be a shining light,
Then make yourself a second plan
For neither will go right.