Monday, May 21, 2007

Wisdom Teeth, Pre-op

The oral surgeon gave me a fair number of instructions to follow, and I'm afraid I'll forget something. So I wrote everything down on little sticky notes; now all I have to do is follow them in order!

Today I'm getting my wisdom teeth out. The oral surgeon said it would have been easier to remove them five years ago, before the roots had finished growing. So I warned my five-year younger sisters to get their wisdom teeth checked out. Lisa's are too close to her jaw's nerve to justify preemptive surgery, but Rene's getting hers out later this week.

I can't say I'm looking forward to it -- I hate the dentist -- but my wisdom teeth have already caused one infection, and my regular dentist wants them gone and out of the way before she works on all my other cavities. :(

I'm going in for a half day of work today, and I worked yesterday to cover for my anticipated post-surgery uselessness. Forrest wants me to call him while I'm still loopy after the surgery meds and drugs. And after that, I'm probably just going to rest or sleep. I've never known about anyone else's getting their wisdom teeth out; I don't really know what to expect.


Ilona said...
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smanoli said...

If they use general anesthesia expect to sleep much of the day, you'll probably be a little sore in the jaw. I found drinking cold drinks like smoothies helped with the soreness and the tingling from the local wearing off.

Giynlith said...
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Giynlith said...

(...the previous comment had a typo. They need to make them editable for typos. Anywho...)

My wisdom teeth aren't just "too close" to the nerve in my jaw... they're sitting inside it!

Ick ick ick.