Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day Travels

Traveling back home in New Years Day is looking to be One Of Those Days (TM). So I'm starting to document the fun...

12:00 AM: Happy New Year! I welcome in 2010 in Santa Cruz with Forrest's family while making crepes and drinking cheap champagne. We play Beatlea Rock Band after the stroke of midnight.

1:30 AM: Forrest and I pack up and leave the house. Destination: SFO, for a flight that departs at 6:45 AM.

1:45 AM: Donut run completed successfully. Forrest is now suitably caffeinated for our late night / early morning drive.

2:30 AM: We avoid two deer nommimg on the narrow shoulder of Highway 1. A little while later, we see a dead deer on the side of the road.

3:00 AM: We arrive at SFO. No one is here, surprise surprise. Forrest goes off to park the Jeep for my parents to pick up at a more sane hour while I do the check-in kiosk thing. Our seats have been reassigned so that we're not next to one another anymore, but the kiosk won't let me change them back.

3:30 AM: I settle into the line for security. "Settle" because it won't open until 4:30. Four other people are camped out with me; we wish each other happy new year.

3:45 AM: Forrest arrives from the long-term parking lot and camps with me.

4:30 AM: Right on time, TSA opens up and lets us through without incident. An airport employee buffs the carpet, because... we deserve shiny carpets?

4:45 AM: We found an airport restaurant that's open this early. Too bad they want like $20 for some pre-cooked egg-like dish that I won't even like. So I'm going hungry (for now) while Forrest eats a bacon egg cheese croissant thing. Lack if sleep is getting to me -- I'm beginning to resemble zombie-me. But no svn-commits on my brain, yet.

5:30 AM: I kill half an hour doing a self portrait (of how I feel)on my iPhone while Forrest tries to straighten out why he's assigned a non-existent seat.

5:45 AM: The restaurant I'm waiting for finally opens. They told me they didn't know when they'd open -- apparently they had no cash and couldn't make the decision to open accepting just credit cards without over-the-phone approval for some manager. Clam chowder was pretty decent, though.

6:20 AM: We board the plane in our original seats. Woohoo! Fingers crossed for an uneventful rest of the trip...

10:00 AM: By plane, train, and automobus, we have arrived home! Very tired. Going to sleep now. FSF for dinner, mmm...