Thursday, September 15, 2011

Preparing for the Honeymoon

Forrest and I got married last Saturday!! Of course I will write up a proper blog post, with details and emotions and include all the color glossy photographs (not with circles and arrows, but with a paragraph below each one explaining what each one was*). But for a couple reasons, that very important post will be (probably significantly) delayed:

  1. We're still waiting to receives the photos that many of our guests took (there was no professional).
  2. The post itself (or, more likely, the series of posts) will just take a long while to write properly.
  3. We're very busy readying for our honeymoon!

Point #1 explains the lack of photos, either here or on my Flickr "Wedding" set. Point #3 is this post right here. ;)

Our honeymoon is a month-long cross-country road trip. Quite a lot of prepping and packing goes into such an endeavor, as you might imagine. We're maybe 70% done readying, so the hope is we leave today, with tomorrow being the backup plan.

* Bonus points if you’re cool and/or old enough ;) to recognize the reference.