Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today's Tweets

What I had to say

  • Study finds men & women have same overall IQs, but men overestimate theirs while women underestimate: HT @bernard_ben [11:03 AM]
  • Rhode Island Dept of Transportation sign: "It's gonna be wicked bad out. Stay home, jackass." HT @giynlith [ 1:23 PM]
  • Sitting on the lawn at work, waiting for dark and the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with popcorn, candy, coffee, and pretzels! [ 7:54 PM]
  • I am le confused by #TheLeMovement [ 7:56 PM]
  • Olvidé que la película empiece con español. :) [ 7:59 PM]
  • Und sprechen sie auch auf Deutsch! [ 9:34 PM]

What I found interesting or amusing

  • I feel bad it when someone I don't quite recognize says hi, starts chatting, and I figure out who they are via deduction rather than memory. [ 1:02 PM]