Tuesday, November 1, 2005

NaNo Begins!

NaNoWriMo count: 2045 words

Today on Cresaea: Ehalle got off her night shift to find her younger brother, Senthin, dead. She prepares with her mother, older sister, brother-in-law, friend, and elder for Senthin's funeral ceremony. Feels guilty about not reacting to his death the way society expects her to. She tries to play the part as best she can. Shows up to the funeral and fulfills her role.

Tomorrow she'll probably find out about the Ashyinave-to-be. Maybe even meet Dekiron already. Or I could start in on the second or third story arcs. It's nice to have the option to jump between stories. Might toy with writing out of chronological order within each story, too, if I can picture some later scenes vividly and want to write them now.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that our living room isn't usually the most writing-conducive environment. The rest of Them eventually settled in to writing, but I'd already hit my 2k goal for the day and was at a good stopping point. My words per hours metric on my online NaNo report card was lousy, though. My sister is already chugging along. Aaron's working on his FSM text (last I heard, he was around 1.5k words), Jerry is doing something about a reverse–Bene Gesserit society (92 words, hehe), and Forrest just tonight figured out he would be writing something about a road trip and a bet (420 words).

Maybe we'll even finish. Maybe, just maybe, we'll even be happy with our results. :P

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Lisa R said...

"Maybe, just maybe, we'll even be happy with our results."

Dearest sister, do you not recall the Bible of All Nanos? The Book that We All Follow?

Yes! I refer to "No Plot? No Problem!"

The Good Book definitely states thusly : All first drafts are crap.

Therefore, all Nanos are crap. But they're our crap. And we love them. :D