Monday, November 7, 2005

New Roommate: 'Lex

Our new cat, Alexis — who we call 'Lex — passed out on Forrest's bed. Forrest ended up napping alongside her. :P

So we have a cat now! We went to the SLO animal shelter on Friday, intent on adopting a cat. The first cat we saw was Alexis, a female classic tabby who had been living at the shelter for an amazing month and a half. (Classic tabbies' coats have a swirl pattern, rather than mackerels' stripe pattern.) We thought she was really good-looking, but we decided we ought to see the other cats too, not just adopt the first one we saw.

We went back into the three other cat rooms, where the walls were lined four or five high with cubical cat cages. One of the three rooms had kittens in it, and so we were distracted by their extreme cuteness before we got back to the business of adopting an adult cat.

A dark gray cat (named Gray, of all things) was very friendly, rolling around on her back as we pet her. But in the end Alexis was too pretty and friendly to be left to stay in the shelter another month. We decided to adopt her. There was a small amount of paperwork to fill out, then we made an appointment with a veterinary hospital to have her spayed (a condition of adopting from the county shelter), and were told we could pick her up today from the vet.

So that's what we did today. Her belly's shaved from her surgery. When we first picked her up from the vet, she was drugged and groggy. She didn't complain much on the drive home, but that very well could have been from the aforementioned drugs. She walked drunkenly when we let her out of the cat carrier inside the apartment. :P

Luckily, she wasn't too skittish in the apartment, even though it's a new environment for her. She explored the rooms, found out where the litter box and food and water dish is (though she hasn't used either yet, strangely), then hid under Forrest's bed. She slept there for several hours, then relocated to the top of his bed to sleep some more.

We all went in to give her attention; she's a very mellow cat so far, and was more than happy to put up with the fawning of four people at once. ;) We all left the room, except for Forrest, who stayed behind and ended up napping with 'Lex. (That's 'Lex as in lexers and lexicons, and also sometimes Alexis.) Thus the picture you see above.

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