Thursday, December 8, 2005

El Primer Día de Escuela

So I'm done with classes for the day! It's a pretty small school, like the website said. There were two other girls in my 10:35-12:00 class, taught by María Elena, but tomorrow is the last day for one of them (Heather, I think her name it). In the 12:10-1:30 class, taught by Josefina, there was only the other girl, the one who isn't leaving. I can't remember her name. :P

I liked María Elena better; she's about my age, very friendly and informal. She doesn't feel like she's dumbing down her Spanish, just being clear, which is nice. Josefina is así así: we used flashcards and made up sentences for the pictures on them for the entire class. But still, it was good practice and good feedback. Just not as pal-y.

Yeesh, the older blog entries take a while to transcribe! I'm off now to try to find a replacement ink cartridge for my cool telescoping Zebra pen. Adios!


Arthaey Angosii said...

Woot, the stationery store had the exact refills I needed!