Monday, December 12, 2005

Tour and More Xmas Shopping


Ugh, I really don't feel like blogging about the tour or about today. So I don't think I'll go into as much detail as I normally would.

Tour was good. I was the only native English-speaker on the tour. There were 3 older Mexican couples, vacationing from Mexico City, the driver, and the guide. During our introducions to each other, I told them about how I was a student. Since I was understanding almost everything they were saying, we decided not to do the tour bilingually, as the tour company had advertised, so I could practice more.

We went to Monte Albán, a Zapotec site. I took 85 pictures of the place for my architecture prof. We went to Arrazola, where they make really... festively painted wooden critters. Went to un convento estilo gótico, que se llama Cuilapan de Guerrero. Went to a restautant in Zaachila, La Capilla. Then we drove down a windy road to Coyotepec, home of barra negra. That's black pottery, for those not in the know. It turns black when they fire it; it's not painted. But between the food and the road, I started feeling really sick. I bought some aspirin-like drug, which helped only a little.

Oaxaca Valleys

Luckily, that was our last stop for the tour. They dropped me off half a block from Silvia's house, so I didn't have to walk very far. I tried to throw up, but I guess my stomach wasn't feeling that bad. I slept it off instead.

And today I mostly tried to finish up my Xmas shopping. I only have four more people to shop for, although I only know what I'm getting one of those people. And then I'll be done with my gift-buying; woohoo!

So yeah, that's my quick update for today. Hasta mañana.