Thursday, March 17, 2011

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  • Hey! Damn you, internet-on-my-phone! You made me peddle an extra 15 min on the stationary bike 'cause I wasn't done reading everything yet! [ 6:24 PM]
  • Looks like there's been a small (~12 people infected) outbreak of #AH1N1 in Venezuela, so that's why it's trending. [10:07 PM]
  • You know why I love the gym today? Because it means I can eat ALL THE FUDGE. #omnomnom [11:35 PM]
  • And STILL be 100 calories under "budget" for losing a pound a week. Exercise rocks! [11:39 PM]
  • Apparently German verbs haben, sein, werden, können, kommen, suchen, & empfehlen cover all verb patterns? Good to know. #deutschlernen [11:43 PM]
  • Memorize all 90 pages of grammar in & I'll be a German speaker. Compact book! Includes extra vocab pages. #deutschlernen [11:57 PM]

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