Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas Tree Quilt

My mom made me a quilted Christmas tree to hang on my apartment wall, since there was no space for a real 3D version of a tree. It's complete with normal lights and ornaments!

I photoshopped out the background (our messy hallway, the lightswitch, the electrical plug, and the Japanese flashcard-esque notes taped to the wall) so that you can focus on the prettiness of the quilt, rather than the weirdness of my apartment.

My mom and I are rather proud of this particular quilt. I designed it (sketched a miniature version, then did a full-size semi-colored pattern of it), and my mom pieced and quilted it. We picked out the fabrics together.

I've been evil and modified the date of this post to reflect when I actually received the quilt and took pictures of it. I can do such things. Muahaha!

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