Friday, July 28, 2006

Ne Kichi Emaelivniyon

Pas kr'emaelivni ne asha'ille ves'kir alíd. Vik'lisevpeni ne ddaiyith so'David -- 'sa ghya gejhír -- t'ves sholdavni ne saravon 'ne asha'illeth ddaiyith jhi seni. Gashal, ven'ashir kr'lorav pajhen. :( Ojo vo eg ven'ashir so'esam?

Or, in English:

I haven't written in Asha'ille for too long. Now I've read David's book -- which is just incredible -- and I want to create my own Asha'ille book. However, I don't have any ideas. :( Do any of you have any ideas?


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Backpacking This Weekend

Ansel Adams Wilderness

Click through to the Flickr page to see the annotations to the photo.

The last time I went backpacking was in third or fourth grade. My dad and I hiked (twice, including the packless trial run) from the base to the summit of Mount Diablo one summer. It was fun, though very tiring.

I'm finally getting a second shot at backpacking -- this time a more "real" experience. I'm going to the Ansel Adams Wilderness with Forrest, his dad, and his brother. While they're going for a full week (or longer, in the case of his dad), I'm only taking off Monday and Tuesday from work. That's still four days, which I figure isn't bad for basically a rank beginner.

Because I don't have my own gear, I've been cobbling together a set of equipment from my parents and from Forrest's family. I have either my dad's or Forrest's mom's pack, my mom's sleeping bag, and Forrest's Nalgene. I only bought boots recently, but I wore then up at Tahoe during my extended family's annual camping trip, so I think the boots should be broken in enough. I've still got some random gear on my list that I have to buy...

Forrest and I are leaving Friday night. We'll camp overnight at Clover Meadow, the nearest drive-up-able campgrounds to the trailhead. After that, you won't be hearing from me (except in the very unlikely event that I get cell reception) until Wednesday.


Escape Pod Stories

Since I bought my new iPod (yay 25% employee discount), I've been listening to podcasts. One that's great for longer drives is Escape Pod, a podcast where science fiction short stories are read. I've listened to nine so far, and most of them have been quite good. Sometimes I have to just get over the narrator's rendition of some character voices, but that's probably a standard problem with any audiobook-style work.

The three I didn't particularly care for were "Seventy-Five Years," "Stuck in an Elevator with Mandy Patinkin," and "The Clockwork Atom Bomb." "Seventy Five Years" was essentially two politicians talking reelection politics. Granted, there was an interesting not-in-the-too-far-future "twist" near the end, but that still doesn't make it a story in my mind. The other two weren't so bad, just meh.

Three stories I thought were decent were "I Look Forward to Remembering You," "Union Dues," and "Chuck Mulrooney, Attorney for the Damned."

But if you only have time for the three good ones, I recommend "Tk'tk'tk," "Shadowboxer," and "Anyone Can Whistle." These ones got me caring about the characters, which is harder to do in a short story than in a full-length novel. They're listed in order of preference, BTW.

Note that you don't need a fancy-dancy iPod to listen to these. The sound files are just MP3s. So go, listen to at least "Tk'tk'tk."


Command-Line Charm

I had to hack the file directly, but it now "automatically" selects this blog to post to. (Ljcharm is primarily designed to work with LiveJournal, and has only recently supported Atom API blogs in general. So it can't let me set a default Blogger blog out of my multiple blogs. Magic number to the rescue: self.Atom.Blogs[2].

Update, 1:40 AM: Ooer, and I can modify already-published posts via the command-line, too. I'm so excited; I think that makes me a geek. *grin*


Interactive Charm

All I want is to post a file to Blogger with a title, without having to write my own script. Why doesn't anything work out of the box? Like it's free and you get what you pay for or something.

This post may (or may not have been) brought to you by ljcharm.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

PyBlogger Troubles

I really wanted to be able to post to Blogger from within Vim on my server. After hunting around, it seems as though PyBlogger is what I want. It's just a Python wrapper for the Blogger API and a command-line client for posting textfiles. This post is my first test using PyBlogger.

Update, 2:38 PM: <title>Titles, Anyone?</title>

Googling suggests that the Blogger API doesn't actually support setting titles of posts. What a lame limitation that would be. I'm trying <title> at the top of the post, per LiveJournal user bradfitz's suggestion, to see if that does the trick.

Update, 2:44 PM: <title>TITLE</title> Modifying wrapper directly...

Update, 2:45 PM: So it seems that PyBlogger doesn't use the Atom API, which is what you need if you want to set post titles programmatically. Looks like I'll just have to set up my own script when I get home.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Eating at the Truckee Diner

Taking a Bite out of Our Receipt

Please excuse the rotated picture; I'll fix it when I get back to the internet-enabled world.

My parents and I went up to Truckee yesterday to run some errands. We had lunch at a diner, and when we got the bill we all looked around at eat other. My dad got a wild look in his eye, snatched the bill, and took a bite out of the corner.

My mom had her I'm-scowling-not-laughing-not-laughing expression on her face, as she often does when my dad does such things. I picked up the bill and took a bite out of another corner. I set it down in front of my mom challenging.

Not to be outdone -- or maybe because of the peer pressure -- my mom grabbed for the bill too. Just then, the waitress came up behind her. We snickered, my mom looked embarrassed, and the waitress seemed confused and opted for ignoring whatever we were doing. After she left, we all laughed and my mom spat out the piece of paper.


Sunday, July 9, 2006

Life-Sized Pushpin

Live action Google maps?


Silly Car at Home Depot

Smile when you say that!


Melty Artsy Doodad

Anyone else remember playing with these growing up? It was frustrating when you were almost done with your design and them you knocked the thing over. This guy here lives at my Ella street apartment, under the stairs.



So I have a lot of tea.


Empty Fridge

I'm renting a room in a house from my mom's cousin's neighbor. It's an Eichler house, which is a cool design although not sturdily built. The woman has lived here for ten years, yet it feels like she hasn't fully moved in yet. This is what her fridge looked like when I moved in.


Piglet Cookie

So, first off, my bad with not posting in, uh, a while. I'm all moved in to Sunnyvale and doing language-related programming work for Apple. Good stuff.

Also, the computer cable to get the photos off my phone doesn't feel like cooperating any more. The current plan is to blog them off my phone.

This here is a Piglet cookie that Lisa wanted me to take a picture of. This was at Pier 39, when my family took my dad out to lunch to Bubba Gump's for father's day.