Friday, July 28, 2006

Ne Kichi Emaelivniyon

Pas kr'emaelivni ne asha'ille ves'kir alíd. Vik'lisevpeni ne ddaiyith so'David -- 'sa ghya gejhír -- t'ves sholdavni ne saravon 'ne asha'illeth ddaiyith jhi seni. Gashal, ven'ashir kr'lorav pajhen. :( Ojo vo eg ven'ashir so'esam?

Or, in English:

I haven't written in Asha'ille for too long. Now I've read David's book -- which is just incredible -- and I want to create my own Asha'ille book. However, I don't have any ideas. :( Do any of you have any ideas?