Monday, May 31, 2004

Moved to a New Apartment

Ajhar, asardav n'i t'mlen i ejh ne chiyuna cresin sejhim 'da bí'a. Mmavtecim mlejhim illenim 'sa aeg ne das nom; vik'keyevotejhim n'om... [explanation]

Or, in English:

Yay, I've moved in to my new apartment with my boyfriend. Three of our friends help us move all the stuff in; now we have to unpack it...

Bía Sharídim

chiyuna [tSi'jun@] temporary. from chi, chuna

chiyuna cresin apartment.

keyev [kE'jEv] uncontain. from kre, e–e


Thursday, May 27, 2004


Sirevni ne Gmailith velane 'sa dibía! Ajhar! Illev ne Google, chenil. Zeijha vep'jhor en'i t'i Blogger i. [explanation]

Or, in English:

I have a beta Gmail account! Woohoo! I love Google, y'see. Yay for being a Blogger member.

Bía Sharídim

ajhar ['AZAr\] woohoo. from jhelle, –ar

dibía [di'bi@] beta. from di'ay, bía

velane [vE'lAnE] account (e.g., e-mail). from "Vla!"


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

New Job

Vik'nechuna ne sarith runa! Nyal, jhor'n o gir'deth t'arishavon ne omaenom, t'lisevon ne ashámaenim, t'en llavon ne mlas jhorním rojh. Teir éjhillevni ne jhi tanoravon (--)... [explanation]

Or, in English:

First day of work today! Unfortunately, it mostly involved filling out forms, reading documentation, and learning everyone's names. I hope I enjoy the actual programming once I get to it...

Bía Sharídim

ashámaen [A'SAmen] n. written explanation, documentation. from ashav, emaen

deth' [dET] adv. half, partially. from demi

jhorní [Zor\'ni] n. name. from jhor'en i, compare to lnar

nyal [njAl] interj. unfortunately, shucks. from nyaiye, –l

omaeno [o'meno] n. anything written with pieces meeting. eg, form, questionnaire, quiz, exam.... from emaen, o

runa ['r\un@] n. work-time. from ruriv, chuna

tan [tAn] n. force, control. from –t–

tanorav [tAno'r\Av] v. program. from tan, lorán. lit. control lorán


Thursday, May 20, 2004


Pas emaelivleni mlen'i ejh ne ssha imadh'illevimadhnilimadhejh imadh sshak. Jho... [explanation]

Or, in English:

My boyfriend wrote to me, "Cheesily the cheese — the cheese and I — love you and the (other) cheese." Yes...

Bía Sharídim

Imácata [i'mAcAtA] a region of Cresaea. from imadh, catán

Imácatash [i'mAcAtAS] the dialect of Asha'ille spoken in Imácata. from Imácata, shav

jho [Zo] yes..., right.... from jhi

Grammar note: Apparently he speaks a dialect of Asha'ille (let's call it Imácatash) that allows dropping the ve. He also uses nouns (strictly speaking, narídim) as conjugations. How very interesting. ;)


Friends' Blog Links

Jhor'lomaelim t'vae shalthanim so'illenim. Kyar'lisevdas n'o, t'ves daed n'o seni.... ;) [explanation]

Or, in English:

Blogs are where friends' links belong. Not that anyone is going to read them, or mine either... ;)

Bía Sharídim

kyar- [kjAr\] when applied to a verb, it signifies "negative hypothetical". (existing word, new meaning)