Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sneaky Valentine Cupcakes

A few weeks before Valentine's Day, a local cupcake vendor had samples at work and a sign-up sheet for people to send "cupcake-grams". I went and partook of the delicious samples and "casually mentioned" the sign-up sheet to my husband. He muttered that he had already been planning to do that and it took away the surprise for me to mention it.

Except that later, he sheepishly admitted that he had then completely forgotten about it until the vendor had left. I found it amusing, not disappointing, so it's all good. I don't really need cupcakes anyway, right?

Then today, Valentine's Day, I got up early, before Forrest, and walked in to work. (It's a 2.3 mile walk and I'm really enjoying the walk, which I've done every day so far this week. But I digress.) Not long after I get in to the office, I get a text from Forrest asking if I could meet him in the lobby of my building. It's our frequent meeting spot to exchange items forgotten, chat in person, or to meet up before going somewhere together, so I didn't think anything of it.

Can you meet me in the PKV lobby?

I got there in a minute, but Forrest wasn't there yet. I was mildly annoyed that he wasn't there already, because he personally hates being made to wait and complains about it. But I was generally in a good mood, so I just did language-learning flashcards on my phone to pass the time.

Valentine cupcakes & ladybug roses
Valentine cupcakes & ladybug roses

A couple minutes later, Forrest steps out of the elevator. He smiles, hugs & kisses me, and says, "Good morning!" This is unusual. I interpreted this as his Valentine's Day gift to me, and it really did make me happy. I thought he'd taken the time just to come over and say hi and be friendly.

Little did I know.

Forrest goes back to his building and I go back to my desk. As I'm plugging my cell phone back into its charger, I notice a cupcake next to my charger cable! I suddenly realize that his asking me to meet in the lobby was just a ruse to get me away from my desk!

(Unless the cupcake in the special cupcake container was sneakily left by a secret admirer, in which case nevermind. ;)))
Omg another!
And a baby one!
My coworkers confirm that some suspicious-looking bearded dude was mucking around my desk. ;)
Love you