Monday, July 7, 2003

Fourth of July Weekend

Vik'domeerpeni vedá'gejhír vás'vanuna alunsa Fourth of July tei mlen'i ejh kedá. Énivkeni ne do'kénillevniyejhlo dovik'jhor vanuna t'larúnith keniriv tei mlen'i pali kik. Vik'éjhillevpeni ne nes di'adhen eg gunál, t'ves teir jhor'éjhilleth alunsa vel'das t'no. :) [explanation]

That is:

I've just returned from a great Fourth of July weekend with my SO. Can't wait 'til we see each other again in a week, when we all go camping with my family. I've been looking forward to it for a while, and hopefully it'll be enjoyable for all concerned. :)

Bia Sharídidm

di'adhen [di'ADEn] future. from di'ay

do– [do] prefix for embedded v* phrases; does not apply to closing k*

éniv ['EnIv] to wait. from *env

gejhír [gE'Zir] great, wonderful. from gir, *jh

gunál [gu'nAl] a while, a long time. from gir, chuna

keniriv [kEnI'rIv] to visit, to stay temporarily. from –k–, loriv

larún [lA'run] tree. from loriv, cyirún

vanuna [vA'nun@] week(lit. seven-days). from valn, chuna

vás'vanuna ['vAsvA"nun@] weekend. from vastille, vanuna

éjhillev ne nes di'adhen to look forward to it (lit. to enjoy this future)


Thursday, July 3, 2003

Asha'ille-English Dictionary

Ve'gir shirveithim Giynlith t'mlen i dashara'im ne lomael sen'i, yet pas sirevdeni ne ddaishid eg saea. Zeijha, jhi vo, jhi saea! Kr'mmelnev IPA nom ne Word damilsha, vet'dotrevtaerdhi aet vedá'"phonetic font" vel'SILIPA93 emaesha ket, kyet sirev ne enshalvith no. [explanation]

Or, in English:

Giynlith and my fellow conlangers might be more interested in my blog here if I had an Asha'ille-English dictionary available. Why, in fact I do, right here! The IPA stuff has issues with the Word style sheet, so even if you have the SILIPA93 font installed, you'll have to manually change the "phonetic font" to it. Update, 2008-02-14: The dictionary is now online at

Bia Sharídim

emaesha [E'meSA] handwriting; font. from emaeliv, sharíd

enshalv [En'SAlv] absorbed; installed. from *en, shalnen

shir [Sir] peak. from sheshnar

shirv [Sirv] to respond positively


Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Better Colors

Vik'jheruvpeni ne ánisim e'kath gir'shanolel riga'ai oya no alunsa pas arevecoleni damilsha. Jhor'uyan t'dogír, t'ves mmelnev sevena n'o kes. (Pas dotrésharivteni ne nase'mmavon kegha "mmelnev no n'o," ve'dida vo e'kath "ghishovni ne kegharn " so'Google. Zeijha, daed nom. Kájeyal.) Chenil, llavni ne kénillevejhim jun Giynlith t'Iyimadhi ne nes lomael e'kath kedotreth; choteir kashivtejhim ne bia vajhír. [explanation]

Or, in English:

I've fixed up the colors to something prettier than the pea green thing the template gave me. Blue is the best, and purple plays nicely with it. ("Plays nicely with" is a mean idiom to have to translate, like Google's "I'm feeling lucky." Ah, two of them. Even better.) Now, I realize that only Giynlith and the Cheesemeister saw this blog in its ugliness; I hope they appreciate its newfound splendor.

Bia Sharídim

ai'oya [ei'oj@] a tall, thin, wavy plant found in the southern savanna that is extremely poisonous and has a characteristic green hue; unpleasant green

ánisi ['AnIsi] color. from ANSI

chenil ['tSEnIl] see, look (interj.). from cha'énillev

damilsha [dA'mIlS@] generic pattern (esp. of shalnenim), template. from das, ml'shaln

dida [didA] similar

dogír [do'gir] best, most. from do, gir

ghishóv [xI'Sov] to hunt. from Hishn

imadh ['ImAD] cheese. from Tim

jheruv [ZE'ruv] to improve, to fix. from *jh, rúriv

kedotreth [kE'dotrET] unyielding, unaccomodating; ugly. from kre, dotrev

kájeyal ['kAdZejAl] sarcastic wonderful

kegha ['kexA] difficult, uncooperative. from Kegharn

ketate [kE'tAtE] a short, thorned, gray plant found in the eastern savanna

mmelnev [m@_X'mElnEv] to tug, stretch, alter (esp. of shalnenim). from mmav, shalnen

nase'mmav ["nAsEm@_X'mAv] to be an idiom. from mmav. eg, Nase'mmav sharídim egik "mmelnev no n'o,", The phrase "to stretch something" is an idiom."

riga ['rig@] than, compared to the gir. from gir

sevena [sE'vEn@] purple-maroon. from seven

shanolel [SA'nolEl] pretty, visually pleasing

vajhír [vA'ZIr] splendor, beauty. from vastille, *jh, gir

zeijha ['zeZ@] ah, good (interj.). from *jh