Thursday, July 3, 2003

Asha'ille-English Dictionary

Ve'gir shirveithim Giynlith t'mlen i dashara'im ne lomael sen'i, yet pas sirevdeni ne ddaishid eg saea. Zeijha, jhi vo, jhi saea! Kr'mmelnev IPA nom ne Word damilsha, vet'dotrevtaerdhi aet vedá'"phonetic font" vel'SILIPA93 emaesha ket, kyet sirev ne enshalvith no. [explanation]

Or, in English:

Giynlith and my fellow conlangers might be more interested in my blog here if I had an Asha'ille-English dictionary available. Why, in fact I do, right here! The IPA stuff has issues with the Word style sheet, so even if you have the SILIPA93 font installed, you'll have to manually change the "phonetic font" to it. Update, 2008-02-14: The dictionary is now online at

Bia Sharídim

emaesha [E'meSA] handwriting; font. from emaeliv, sharíd

enshalv [En'SAlv] absorbed; installed. from *en, shalnen

shir [Sir] peak. from sheshnar

shirv [Sirv] to respond positively