Thursday, July 13, 2006

Eating at the Truckee Diner

Taking a Bite out of Our Receipt

Please excuse the rotated picture; I'll fix it when I get back to the internet-enabled world.

My parents and I went up to Truckee yesterday to run some errands. We had lunch at a diner, and when we got the bill we all looked around at eat other. My dad got a wild look in his eye, snatched the bill, and took a bite out of the corner.

My mom had her I'm-scowling-not-laughing-not-laughing expression on her face, as she often does when my dad does such things. I picked up the bill and took a bite out of another corner. I set it down in front of my mom challenging.

Not to be outdone -- or maybe because of the peer pressure -- my mom grabbed for the bill too. Just then, the waitress came up behind her. We snickered, my mom looked embarrassed, and the waitress seemed confused and opted for ignoring whatever we were doing. After she left, we all laughed and my mom spat out the piece of paper.


Forrest said...

Ha! You did *not* rotate it when you got back!

Arthaey Angosii said...

What could you possibly be referring to? *innocence*