Sunday, May 8, 2005


Vik'najiv edh emaen ne das chi'emaenim seni e'kath llasháv ne Asha'ille. Asardavpeni ne shalthanim e'kath edh emaen ne etás chi'emaenim, kret'jhiye kr'jheruv n'om, yet jhor'no t'e nedarnith kachol e.

Chenil, vel'dotréshad chat'mov. [explanation]

Or, in English:

This page now explains all my posts that are written in Asha'ille. I added that page's links to the previous posts, but I didn't fix them if they contained grammatical errors.

So go look at the translation.

Biya Sharídim

dotréshad [do'tr\ESAd] translation. from dotréshariv, –ad.

kachol ['kAtSol] error.

najiv [nA'dZiv] to explain.


Brittanie said...

The links are broken.

Arthaey Angosii said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Brittanie. I now have my own domain, but I forgot to update the links in my blog posts!