Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring Break, Courtesy of Uncle Bill

As opposed to, say, Uncle Sam, who wants a cut of Uncle Bill's generosity. Strange uncles.

So finals are finally (heh) over. I took two classes, Spanish Linguistics and Chicano Non-Fiction Literature, credit/no-credit this quarter, and I might even get credit in them! The Chicano Lit class was pretty worthless and it was hard to stay motived there — I started skipping classes, but even so, I think I'll get credit. So that should be done. Architecture's hard — I've never been good at memorizing random data, like the name of the architecture who built such-and-such building, or which of the five Islamic-groups-each-that-I'd-never-heard-of groups built this particular building, as shown by its blueprints view. But again, I should pass the class and have yet another GE over and done with. I'm not too worried about my Assembly Programming class, but I don't really know what to expect from my independent-study Historical Linguistics. We shall see. Only two more quarters to go. Eep!

After all the stressful, no-sleepingness that was finals' week, Forrest and I have been flown up to Redmond, Washington, for more interviews. We're looking at interning at Microsoft again this summer, if they offer us positions. I already have a solid offer from Intuit (though they don't pay $500 per month for intern housing like Microsoft does) and a confusing though I think existant offer from Apple. Exciting stuff, although Microsoft is still my top choice. C'mon, three words: Intern Puzzle Day!

Because of the aforementioned lack of sleep in the previous few days, I was so tired as to be worthless when we got to Seattle at noon, after flying out of SLO at 6 in the morning. Ugh. We picked up the rental car, drove to the hotel, and took a nap. It was supposed to only be an hour and a half of sleep, but it ended up that we didn't wake up until 5 o'clock. Oops.

We had dinner at Rock Bottom, which we thought was appropriate since it was our final stop on the way out of town at the end of last summer. And yes, of course we had the Asiago cheese dip. Mmmm. After eating, we wandered around the Bellevue Square mall. Went to Nordstroms and got fitted (*ahem*) but nothing really fit right, so I ended up buying nothing.

We stayed at the mall until it closed, then we headed back to the hotel. We hopped across the street to Red Robin, where we had some drinks. Note to the curious: a Bailey's chocolate malt is very yummy. Even a strawberry daquiri is not enough to distract your barmates from stealing sips. ;)

So now it's time to catch up on season 2 of CSY (read: "CSI: NY" for those not in the know). Tomorrow is sheduled to be Wander Around Seattle Day.

Hope everyone else's breaks are going okay! :)

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