Friday, December 8, 2006

Edamame Grossness

Edamame Pot

Unassuming pot, right? So you might think!

While I was gone for a week of interviews, Forrest did no dishes. This means that when he made himself some steamed edamame, he let the leftovers hang out in the pot.

Edamame Grossness

When I got home, he looked sheepish about the kitchen overflowing with dirty dishes and promised to do them soon. But while he was out doing errands today, I decided I wanted them done more than I wanted him to do them, so I just washed the sinkful of 'em. No big deal.

Edamame Note

That is, no big deal until I lifted the bowl inside the pot to wash it. There I was greeted with — horror of horrors, grossness of grossnesses — fuzzy edamame. I left Forrest a note for when he comes home. ;)

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