Friday, February 9, 2007

We Are Not the Phone Number You Are Looking For

When Forrest and I signed up for our DSL service, we had to get a landline too. This is fine, since it means we have a cool rotary phone and a "throw away" number we don't mind putting down on forms. And we do occasionally get telemarketers. But what's unusual is the number of plain ol' wrong numbers we get.

Please, Peoples of Telephonic World, double-check your number! We are not the phone number you are looking for. For example:

  • We are not Jason.
  • We are not Carrie of United Airlines.
  • We are not Farm Supply.

If we got a larger percentage of Farm Supply wrong numbers (we're only one digit off), we would consider answering the landline phone as "Hello, Not Farm Supply." But we also have to contend with being Not Jason and Not Carrie/Not United Airlines. Ah, the dilemmas in life.


Lisa R said...

Upon reading the post (finally! a new one!), I thought I would be an annoying little sister and call my big sister and ask for Jason or Carrie or Farm Supply. I pull out my handy-dandy cell phone and dialed CMR's number manually. A woman's voice, too high to be CMR's, answers.

I look at the phone and ask, "Catherine?"

The lady replies, "Yes, this is Cathy."

I say, "Oh, okay. Your voice sounded odd." (The 'Cathy' hadn't yet registered.)

She asked, "Who is this?" By this point, I realize she said Cathy (we all known CMR does not go by Cathy). I put two and two together and said, "I'm trying to get ahold of my sister Catherine."

Cathy said, "Oh, no. Wrong number!"

Do I win an award for having the coolest comment that relates to the posted subject matter?

Airencracken said...

Do you really have a rotary phone? ;)

Arthaey Angosii said...

Yup, we most certainly do have a rotary phone! Forrest picked it up at the Flea, IIRC.