Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday House project: Tagmindr

Last Saturday, I went to my first Saturday House meetup — that is, a bunch of geeky types all hanging out and coding and such. Last week, they organized themselves to create a new project, dubbed Tagmindr.

Tagmindr asks for your username and creates an RSS feed for you, including only bookmarks that have been tagged with "tagmindr". But already offers RSS feeds per user and tag, you say? True. What makes Tagmindr cool is that it also looks for a tag of the format "remind:YYYY-MM-DD", and only puts items into your feed once that date comes around. Essentially, Tagmindr is a time caspule or reminder system for your bookmarks. Rather than relying on some generic "to-read" tag, you can now create more specific reminders that will automatically come to you.

The project was written in Python using the Django framework, neither of which I knew. Plus I was very tired from only getting a few hours of sleep, so I didn't really contribute much directly. I did shoulder-surf and help debug, but I ended up not writing much code myself. In any case, it was still fun being in that environment — it felt very much like our "coding parties" back in college. (I would have gone to today's Saturday House, except I stayed up until 5 am last night and thus slept in quite late. Heh.)


Lisa R said...

Knowing that 99.999999% of all coders are night owl, why is Saturday House held in the morning/afternoon? I'd think it'd be easier if it were later at night. ;)

Unknown said...

While that's the common stereotype of coders, it's not very close to reality. I'd way we're split closer to 70/30 in college, with the number of morning coders increasing with age.