Monday, November 5, 2007

Vinocide: Me, in the Kitchen, with the Wooden Spoon

Vinocide in the Kitchen

All I wanted was some wine. I didn't have a corkscrew, so I went out and bought one. But when I tried to pull the cork out, it was stuck. Really stuck. Dismayed after a minute of trying to brute-force, finesse, and cuss the cork out of the bottle, I gave up and pushed the cork in with a spoon handle.

Alas, the internal pressure in the bottle cause red wine to erupt everywhere, including on yours truly. I washed my eyes in the sink — I closed them immediately on the hissing of the bottle, so I was fine — and threw my shirt in the sink to rinse out the drops of red wine. Red red wine, stain my clothes so fine... :(

After the immediate aftermath was taken care of, I realized that the red wine sprayed around looked sorta like a crime scene out of CSI. So I documented it. :)


Rene said...

You're so weird. There is no doubt that we're related.

But White wine is better. You can see the veggies at the bottom.

Bethanie said...

Oh, dear, I'm afraid I had a bit of a laugh at your expense... :D (but having been there, I'm entitled, right?)

Incidentaly, just the other night, our Super-Duper Mega-Ultra Corkscrew that The Husband bought a few years ago - the kind with the "arms" - busted one of its arms and I got a cork stuck halfway out. Couldn't get the corkscrew back in, couldn't get the cork out, was Not Happy. After brute force (such as it is in one's middle age) didn't work, I tried wrapping it in a rubber band (works for jars, not so much for corks), then tried a dish towel. Just laid over the cork, the dish towel did nothing to enhance the brute strength approach, however - when I wrapped the towel around the exposed cork, then twisted the loose end of the towel, then wrapped it around the cork again, then twisted the whole contraption - POP! out that sucker came! (OK, that probably makes no sense and I should YouTube it or something, right? anyway, worked like a charm.)