Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our Two Kittens Move In

We picked up our newly adopted kittens this afternoon! For the first few minutes of the car ride they were inquisitive, but about five minutes in they started wailing. We felt so bad, but there wasn't anything we could do for them and they weren't actually being harmed, despite their vocal protests to the contrary. Interestingly, they both settled down after another five minutes of us not rescuing them from the car. Perhaps they decided crying wasn't getting them anywhere, so they might as well wait it out? Dunno, but they definitely settled down for the rest of the drive.

In our house, our bedroom and bathroom have a door at the end of the hallway that closes it off into a "suite" separate from the rest of the house. The bathroom and hallway seemed like the perfect section of the house to let the kittens get acclimated to their new home without overwhelming them with the whole house at once.

This plan appears to have worked well. They've already run themselves through two complete cycles of crazy-energetic play followed by exhausted napping. We're hopping they finish up this third cycle of play and get some more rest by the time we go to sleep. :)

You can follow the Cuteness Developments in detail by watching my Flickr set for them. If you want to see any photos with me or Forrest in them, you'll have to be logged in to Flickr as "friend or family."

Addendum: Meryl Mary apparently didn't like my representation of events, preferring to speak for herself. So she hopped up here on the laptop to tell you directly:

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So now you know.