Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cross-Country Ski Skills Checklist

I found a good "checklist" of skills for cross-country skiing at the Snoqualmie Nordic Center. I'll be checking off the various techniques as I learn them.

Basic Beginner

Flat Skills
  • basic diagonal stride, with poles
  • star turn
  • double pole
Uphill Skills (gentle slope)
  • diagonal stride
  • side-step
  • herringbone
  • traverse and turn
Downhill Skills (gentle slope)
  • side-step
  • straight run
  • gliding wedge
  • braking wedge
  • stop at bottom with braking wedge

Advanced Beginner

Flat Skills
  • proficient diagonal stride, with some glide
  • kick/double pole
  • kick turn
Uphill Skills (gentle slope)
  • traverse with kick turn
Downhill Skills (gentle slope)
  • steered turns with braking wedge

Intermediate Skills

Flat Skills
  • efficient diagonal stride, with good glide
  • marathon skate
  • turn in place
Uphill Skills (most terrain)
  • half herringbone
Downhill Skills (most terrain)
  • linked wedge christies
  • linked stem christies (parallel finish)
  • stop on hills in wedge (parallel finish)

Advanced Skills

Flat Skills
  • efficient and flowing diagonal stride, with good glide
Downhill Skills (all terrain)
  • linked turns in open parallel
  • linked turns in modified telemark
  • stop on hills in parallel

As you can see (as of Feb 26th), I've been focusing on gaining techniques to let me control my downhill speeds. I dislike the adrenaline I get from zooming down hills without the ability to slow down. So I already have one downhill skill in the "intermediate" category.


Aaron *@ said...

I don't see "falling down to avoid hitting something" on that list. That was one skill that always came in handy whenever I went skiing.

smanoli said...

Just FYI the check marks don't show up in my feed reader (Google reader); all the skills come across as bullets.

Anonymous said...
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