Saturday, September 24, 2011

Complete Honeymoon Series

Full disclosure: I shamelessly backdate my posts. I want the date posted to reflect the date I wrote the post, even if it ends up being weeks before I have the time to upload them. So you can see what's been uploaded and get back to them easily, I will update and linkify this list as the posts go live:

  1. Best Laid Plans...
    (Walnut Creek, CA → Sonora, CA)
  2. Not Abducted By Aliens
    (Sonora, CA → Rachel, NV)
  3. Fossils, Basin & Range Geography, and Zion National Park
    (Rachel, NV → Zion National Park, UT)
  4. (Zion National Park, UT → Mesa Verde National Park, CO)
  5. (Mesa Verde National Park, CO → Gunnison, CO)
  6. (Gunnison, CO → Wichita, KS)
  7. (Wichita, KS → St. Louis, MO)
  8. (St. Louis, MO → Mammoth Cave National Park, KY)
  9. (stayed at Mammoth Cave National Park, KY)
  10. (Mammoth Cave National Park, KY → Lexington, KY)
  11. (Lexington, KY → Lexington, VA)
  12. (Lexington, VA → Williamsburg, VA)
  13. (Williamsburg, VA → Salisbury, MD)
  14. (Salisbury, MD → Lakewood, NJ)
  15. (Lakewood, NJ → Westerly, RI)
  16. (Westerly, RI → Old Orchard Beach, ME)
  17. (Old Orchard Beach, ME → St John, NB, Canada)
  18. (St John, NB, Canada → Waterville, ME)
  19. (Waterville, ME → Conway, NH)
  20. (Conway, NH → Sidney, NY)
  21. (Sidney, NY → Pittsburgh, PA)
  22. (Pittsburgh, PA → Springfield, OH)
  23. (Springfield, OH → Champaign, IL)
  24. (Champaign, IL → Council Bluffs, IA)
  25. (Council Bluffs, IA → Murdo, SD)
  26. (Murdo, SD → Moorcourt, WY)
  27. (Moorcourt, WY → St Regis, MT)
  28. (St Regis, MT → Seattle, WA)
  29. (Seattle, WA → Halsey, OR)
  30. (Halsey, OR → Arcata, CA)
  31. (Arcata, CA → Walnut Creek, CA)
  32. (Walnut Creek, CA → Los Gatos, CA)

I'm also going to be updating the date of this post to keep it as the most recent one until the trip is over (in case, by some miracle, I manage to catch up during the trip itself).