Sunday, March 7, 2004

Just Read! Lesson 02

Jhor'eyen lle te:

- Jhor'nes aerdhisa t'noh.
- Jhor'n es t'Jan.
- Na Jin.
- Jhor'Jan t'chi sarn.
- T'ves jhor'nes aerdhida t'noh.
- Jhor'n es t'Meri.
- Jhor'no t'chi sin.
- Jhi, jhor'no t'chi san.

- Énillev Jan na ajhejh.
- Jhi énillev ne gir'ejhejh.
- Daedh vo Mari na ejhejh.
- Kre, kr'vo ne ejhejh. Vo ne migrá.
- Vep vo na migrá.
- Vep'jhor aerdhida t'bored.
- Because she is bored.
- Is she really bored?
- Jhi jhor.

- T'jhor Jan t'vae.
- Jhor'Jan t'vae saea.
- Zeijha, jhi. Jhor'Jan t'vae saea. Jhor'Jan Meri t'illem a.
- Jhi jhor'aerdhisom t'illem.
- Jhor'nom t'iyen llem.
- Jhi, jhor'Jan t'iyen lli, t'ves daedh jhor'Meri t'iyen lli.
- Jhor'en llath enfeiran t'vae lesh saea kae.
- Jhi jhor. Vik'kret Jan Meri kr'vae en'llath enfeiran kae kik.
- Vep nom kr'vae en'llath enfeiran kae.
- Vep'jhor viken t'aruna.
- Ojo jhor'viken t'aróth alunun jhi.
- Jhi, jhor'viken t'aróth. Kret'jhi daedh jhor'no t'aruna.
- Zeijha. Ajho, jhor'geithesa aet t'noh.

Or, in English:

The lesson reads:

- Who is this?
- This is John.
- Who is John?
- John is a boy.
- And who is that?
- That is Mary.
- Is she a girl?
- Yes, she is a girl.

- Is John happy?
- Yes, he is very happy.
- Is Mary also happy?
- No, she is not happy. She is angry.
- Why is she angry?
- Because she is bored.
- Is she really bored?
- Yes, she is.

- And where is John?
- John is here.
- Oh, right. John is here. Are John and Mary friends?
- Yes, they are friends.
- Are they students?
- Yes, John is a student, and Mary is also a student.
- Is there a school near here?
- Yes, there is. But John and Mary are not at school now.
- Why aren't they at school?
- Because it is early.
- Isn't it sunny?
- Yes, it is sunny. But it is still early.
- Ok. Who are you, by the way?

Bía Sharídim

aruna [A'r\un@] early. from aró, chuna

viken ['vIkEn] now, as a point in time. It can be described by any condition, including time or weather. from vik, *env