Monday, February 14, 2005

Getting on the Bus

It was rather a pain buying my bus tickets to go home for my grandmother's funeral. Long story short, Amtrak said they could get fined $10k if they sold me a "local travel" ticket, so I had to go with Greyhound instead. Nevermind that I've bought these exact tickets numerous times before, during the first summer Tim and I dated and visisted each other back and forth between SLO and SJ. Bah. And then, because I needed to be at the station early, I missed my class today. I'm worried about the class project due Wednesday, since I may or may not have internet access and time to use it while I'm gone.

Anyhow. While I was waiting at the Greyhound statoin for the bus to arrive, some mangy-looking old guy asked me how much a pay phone call was. I told him I didn't know (which was true, since I couldn't remember just then). But as I started walking away, I considered letting him use my cell phone. As I was asking him if it was just a local call, I remembered that pay phones now cost fifty cents. I actually had some change in my pocket for once, so I have him two quarters. Charity certainly feels much better when you know it's not going to booze.

Then, when I got onto the bus, the driver wasn't there yet. I wanted to make sure I was on the right bus, so I asked a woman in the front if it was the northbound bus. She looked a little confused, so I rephrased the question. She shook her head and said, "No speak English." And I was like, Woohoo! I get to use Spanish! So I asked her again, "¿Este autobus va al norte? No al sur?" She seemed a little surprised, which was cool, and responded, "Sí, al norte."

So I was on the right bus. Yay. :)