Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Went to funeral home, church, and reception. Catholic services. Mortuary people made Grandma look like herself, more or less. She wore green, as did I and one of my sisters, in support of her non-standard funeral attire choice. Saw cousins and aunts I hadn't seen in ages, which was nice. There's talk of a large family reunion this summer, so that we get to see each other at some time other than weddings or funerals.

Haven't been able to type up my half of the 431 project yet, but I have a good chunk of the algorithm written down in Java in my notebook, and will finish on the bus ride back home. Said bus ride leaves at 8 in the morning (and gets me home with only 45 minutes to spare to type up the code before class), but to get there in time to beat the traffic, we have to leave at 5. :( Thus, must go to bed and not blog any more.