Monday, March 28, 2005

The (Not So) Green Lobster

Yes, that's a dead giant lobster. In the back of Forrest's car. Bought for all the loose change in their pockets ($1.35).

This guy at the electronic flea market in Sunnyvale had this horrendous marbled-green frame with a huge dead lobster attached to it. Forrest, Jerry, and Aaron insisted that I buy it, but I wasn't so convinced — and I certainly wasn't going to pay for such a thing.

But as we walked around the market a bit more, I semi-gave in and told them I would get it if they all paid for it. They scrounged up $1.35 in loose change and we went back to the guy at the truck. I told him I didn't quite have the two dollars he was asking for, but as soon as he realized I was going to take the lobster off his hands, he reached over the truck bed and cupped his hands for the coins in a real hurry — as if he were afraid I would change my mind in the next few seconds. Can't imagine why he would worry about such a thing. ;)

So the Gang wants me to paint this monster green and put it in the back of my car (which is, coincidentally, called the Green Lobster by those In The Know). For now, it's helping to block sun from coming in one of our windows. We shall see what happens to it.