Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Undisclosed WOOOOTness

After a questionnaire and two phone interviews, Microsoft flew me up to Redmond for an on-site interview. Tim travelled with me, which was nice. Microsoft payed for $15 breakfasts, $20 lunches, and $40 dinners while I was up there. So much food! The hotel they put us up in was $170 per night (or at least that's what a sign Tim saw said — Microsoft could very well be getting corporate and/or bulk discounts). Unfortunately, the hotel itself felt pretty much identical to a much cheaper hotel, plus it had hideous quilts on the beds. Wish I'd taken a picture, now that I think about it. Let's just say Aaron's Connect 4 would have gone well with the sheets.

Five interviews (two teams) and seven hours later, I was done with the interviews. [Edit: I've been asked not to talk about details outside of my family. I'll find out what the exact "rules" are and keep y'all posted.]