Monday, April 11, 2005

Olya Visiting, and Split Infinitives

Yay, my best friend from high school should be visiting me this weekend. I already visited her college, so now she owes me one. Plans are in the making for a beach bonfire Friday night and making her a one-shot character for 7th Sea on Sunday. Saturday is Open House, during which time the PolyBemani club will be offering free DDR. I'll have to show her around downtown and such. Not sure if she's interested and driving out to the beaches other than for the bonfire that we'd better have (*glares at local friends*).

Any other suggestions for what to do with her? (Taunting mercilessly is understood. ;))

Now for something completely different: the so-called split infinitive. From Language Log:

The split infinitive is not the bane of English teachers. No sensible English teacher cares one whit about the split infinitive.
Poor Mrs. Furstenthal. Wonder how much she dislikes descriptive linguists? Or perhaps she just figures high schoolers, even honors students, can't handle being told that something can be grammatical but still not suited to a particular dialect (in this case, standard written academic English)? Oh well.


Joseph said...

To casually suggest demonstrating the affects of caffeine on visitors would not be out of place, would it?