Sunday, April 10, 2005

Strawbale Surfing

I was shocked to discover the dearth of strawbale links on, so I went surfing about to rectify the situation. I stumbled across an awesome site I'd never seen before: Glen Hunter & Joanne Sokolowski's blog of their strawbale home.

Other random things I discovered:

  • Phil and Lisa Malone's site about their house is cool in and of itself, but I found their concrete staining with Kemiko beautiful. I no longer have reservations about wanting radiant floor heating in a concrete slab, which I had had mixed feelings about due of my previous belief in their "inherent" ugliness.
  • Rubberwood, discussed at Metaefficient and some furniture seller's site.
  • Design company J-Me has some random but cool modern design stuff. I really like the coasters!
  • A pretty stone lamp that diffuses light nicely. I think it would work better at a much smaller scale than their suggested nightstand, though. Such a thing shouldn't be too hard to make yourself...
  • Found an interesting wirey plastic shoe that perhaps my shoe-fiend sister might like.