Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sweet and Sour Burn

Today's Thursday, which means dinner at Farmers' and hanging out at B&N. The sweet and sour sauce for my chicken was provided off to the side, in a spigot-container. The sauce shot out with a lot more horizontal force than expected and it hit my hand. As you can see, it was hot enough to burn me -- superficially, at least.

I asked them for some ice and the redness went away after a while. Stupid sauce bucket.

As a side note, I'd never noticed how many characters I'm allowed for multimedia messages. One thousand is quite a bit to type on a cellphone! Luckily my phone has predictive text, or I'd never blog on the go. (I wonder what Blogger does with HTML? <em>Never.</em>)

Blog post on last weekend -- the weekend of the del Sols and the ConlangCon -- coming soon, I promise!