Friday, January 25, 2008

Phantom Spill Sensation

About a week ago, I was drinking a cup of tea when I felt the tea spill onto my right hand. But when I jumped up to grab a towel, I realized that I hadn't actually spilled anything. It just felt like I had spilled tea on my hand. I thought it was strange, but shrugged and moved on.

Now, today (by which I mean Thursday) while I was shopping I felt the same sensation in my right foot. It felt exactly like there was warm liquid in my shoe, except there wasn't.

I posted on a forum an hour and a half ago asking if anyone else had experienced such a thing, and already 3 people have said they have. I'm asking here to get a different set of peoples looking at the question. Some no responses to balance the yes ones would be interesting. Even more interesting would be that everyone feels this sensation but never mentions it... but I doubt that's true.

So, my (admittedly small sample size of) blog readers! Have you ever felt a warm, wet sensation, like you've spilled something on yourself, only to discover there was nothing there? Post in the comments, email me, whatever.


staticfoo said...

Nope. You must be on crack :)

Arthaey Angosii said...

Thank you for your learnèd opinion. ;)

staticfoo said...

Hey, anything for scientific research.

John Cowan said...

Hmmm, I'm a no.

The sensation of wetness is a combination of temperature and pressure, though. You can test this by putting on rubber gloves and holding your hands under the running water tap -- they will feel wet even though no water is touching you.

If the sensation recurs or persists, you might want to see a neurologist.

smanoli said...


Anonymous said...

yep, just started about a month ago getting that feeling in a few toes on my right foot.

Anonymous said...

I'm experiencing a similar sensation as you, but it doesn't feel burning hot like tea. Happens once every few days for the past week.

This is the best I can describe it:

It's if I had a container that was in the shape of a foot up to the lower ankle, and filled it with warm water at a moderate speed. It goes away after about 5 seconds.

No ideas yet what it causing it, however I did recently buy and having been wearing new sandals most of the time.

Kevin said...

Anyone here have this? I often have a cool, wet feeling on my back, but other times it burns (in the same places everytime). Also, I have back pain and muscle spasms several times a day and tightening pains in my neck. I have read many articles and it seems to point to MS, however, I have been in two serious car accidents (one in 2004 and another in 2005).
Please reply is you have similar symptoms. I will let you know what my Dr says.

luckeelady said...

this past week I started experiencing phantom wet sensations in my right foot especially everytime I would get up to walk and everyone thought I was crazy when I would check to see if there was something there and there would be NOTHING... I'm not a doctor and nor have I been to a doctor yet but I have been researching it and have come to find out it sounds like small fiber neuropathy... you should check it out to and see if it fits... ????

Unknown said...

This happened to me a few days ago. I was out shopping... I felt a very warm spilling sensation in my lower right abdomen. Almost pleasant, no pain at all. I took note of it and kept shopping. It happened at least three times and lasted for about 5 seconds each time. Strange. I do have lower back trouble, don't know if it could be related.

Anonymous said...

I have had a feeling that the bottom of my left foot is wet for the last few days, I thought my shoes were leaking until I found it happened in whichever shoes I was wearing.
Most unsettling.