Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Songsmith Ad: Must Been Heard to Be Believed

Ahhh, Microsoft. You make such great software, and ads to sell them! I like Videogun's commentary on the terrrrific ad for Songsmith:

[T]his REAL commercial for Microsoft's new Songsmith software (you sing at it and it creates horrible musak to accompany you) is completely insane. Not only is it apparently earnest and not a parody, self- or otherwise, it seems like it comes from a bizarro parallel universe where irony was never discovered.

See for yourself. Don't forget to turn up the speakers! ;)

Update: Forrest points out that this is from Microsoft Research, not the commercial arm of Microsoft. Still, the Cheese Factor is just to much for me. :P


Nigmi said...

Ouch. It's like ... flames ... on the side of my head ... :P

Forrest said...

I just found http://www.geekpadshow.com/2009/01/microsoft-songsmith-allows-you-to-sing.html


Forrest said...

Actually, "Roxanne" doesn't sound half bad... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypycpKQxXR0&feature=related