Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wedding Cheesecake

Forrest and I just had the following IM conversation:

Me: some book suggests wedding cheesecake
Forrest: ooooooooooooh
Forrest: i looooooove you
Me: but that would clearly be a bad idea
Me: because I'd find you hiding in the kitchen even before the ceremony, bloated from eating allllll the cheesecake, and you'll just burp instead of saying "I do," and that's not so romantic ;)


John Cowan said...

We had a 3-layer wedding ice-cream cake, kept in the house's freezer (we were married in a house that the owner rents out for the purpose) until it was brought out. All went well until the son of one of Gale's best friends (she wasn't expecting to be able come at all, but hopped a ride with a private pilot at the last minute and didn't have anyone to leave the kid with) rammed both hands into it. But it still tasted good.

Arthaey Angosii said...

Hehe. Ice cream cake's tasty too, although it's not one of Forrest's weaknesses the way cheesecake is. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it even after it was viciously attacked. ;)

I'm already repeating to myself that it's inevitable that something will go "wrong" on the wedding day, but that's life. I figure, if I can just go with the flow and laugh about it rather than freak out ("omg this day is ruined now!"), it may in fact be one of the more memorable moments when we look back on it.

John Cowan said...

Things that went wrong:

1) Using a house in Greenwich Village on the wrong side of the Halloween parade. Some guests had real problems getting there.

2) Waiting to start until everyone had showed up (bad idea: some people never did, even after RSVP-ing). The officiant told us to go ahead anyhow, so we did.

3) We had an alcohol-free wedding, but one of the guests got sozzled on the fruit punch anyhow (power of suggestion, or maybe he had a bottle with him; we'll never know).

4) The owner of the house (who insisted on being present, though we had put down a safety deposit) insisting that we "had to" serve wine to the guests. We talked her out of that.

5) The owner telling the wedding photographers not to mingle with the guests. They were Gale's close friend of 20+ years and her husband, both professionals, and were photographing the wedding without charge as a present to us. Gale had to smooth it over with her friend and speak sharply to the owner all at once.

6) Two uninvited guests who we couldn't turn out, though we made it very clear on the invitations that they were for individuals only, not their spouses, SOs, mothers, or stray cats.

Nevertheless, it was the very best and happiest day of our life until that time, and possibly since (competing moments: seeing our daughter for the first time, finalizing her adoption, seeing her son being born).

Don't worry. Be happy.