Thursday, July 21, 2011

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What I had to say

  • . @ bbcmundo @bbcmundo_ultimo ¿¿Es verdad que el podcast de noticias BBC Mundo va a terminar?? :( #es [ 8:52 AM]
  • .@SECottrell ¿Por qué termina el podcast de @bbcmundo_ultimo? Falta de fondos? #es [ 9:03 AM]
  • ME: Buy <firstlastname>.com while it's available! Thank me later. SISTERS: But it costs le $10/year. ME: Here's $10. Do it now!! THEM: *buy* [ 9:35 AM]
  • Boo! Yesterday the Apple Store didn't have the new MacBook Air yet. Today they're sold out. #FirstWorldProblems [ 7:32 PM]
  • Anyone else like to pronounce the W in "sword" when they read the word silently? No? Just me then. [ 8:29 PM]