Saturday, December 20, 2003

Winter Break

Sólo escribo durante las vacaciones; I know, I know. Va'ejh na alunsa no. Aló, para cómo formar las preguntas, cha'lisev n'es shalthan: "Methods of Question-Forming" que escribí vek'valnith aepril alunsa d'es geduna kek.

Estoy a la casa de mis padres — qué voma'agrelle, jhi? — kret'olvidé mis n'om vae'ne apartment sen'i kae. Jhor'chi gus t'en i.

Or, in English:

I only write during vacations; I know, I know. Whatcha gonna do about it? Oh, for how to form questions, read this link: "Methods of Question-Forming" that I wrote on April 7th of this year.

I'm at my parent's house — how sexist [the Spanish word for "parents"], no? — but I forgot my things at my apartment. Silly me.

Bía Sharídim

a'ar [A'?Ar] gender. from –a(h), –ar

aló [A'lo] interj. oh from ajho

aepril ['eprIl] April. used when discussing dates as measured by the Terran calendar

chi'gus [tSi'gus] n. silly from chi', goose. usually shows affection

d'es [d:Es] . from dy n'es, similar to the n'es < ne nes contraction, therefore slightly informal

shalthan ['SAlTAn] connection; (comp.) link from shalnen

voma'agrelle [vo:mA'?AgrEl] sexist. from a'ar, vom—grelle

vom—grelle [vo:m—grEl] —ist, pro-(—). from val'n om gir'jhelle, lit. to them more good