Sunday, December 21, 2003


Llaverdhi na sirevon krasa dona ddyathim'a?? Monvpeni ne mir ipararim vep'pánallev done ddyath alunsa "Valnith Caruman" vedá'mlen i ejh kedá, kret'ashavordhim ne ssha jhor'no t'tyátenoth ká'sshak. Nyaiye. [explanation]

Or, in English:

Who would have known that nobody has the books?? I went to four stores looking for the 7th Sea book for my boyfriend, but they said that it was out-of-print. Oi-ness.

Bía Sharídim

epararev [E,pArA'rEv] to sell. from vep'darev arev

iparari [IpA'rArI] seller; vendor. from i—i, epararev

krasa ['krAsA] none. from kre, sarp

nyaiye ['njaijE] interj. oi, said with sadness, defeat, or resignation

pánallev ['pAnAlEv] to search for; to look for. from vep', *al–, kénillev

tyátenoth ['tjAtEnOT] out-of-print

Grammar note: Even in multi-word ve-phrases, the closing ke-word is optional if the phrase is immediately followed by a second ve-phrase. The closing ke-word for the last ve-phrase is required.