Friday, June 10, 2005

Edit That Distance, Biotch!

So it took me, from starting in the 3-hour break between finals yesterday, until now to solve the edit-distance algorithm. That is: it only took me 8 measly hours to get the problem done. Now, if I had been smart and industrious, I would have taken those the 8 hours and done the assignment 8 hours after it was assigned a month ago. But no, I had to get a special exception from the prof to let me turn in my remaining 4 (3 now) assignments.

This leaves me with the scheduling algorithm to optimize, rank selection to debug, and LCS to do. By tomorrow at midnight. Or else flunk and have to retake this class. Gah! Stupid, stupid self...

Much thanks goes to my awesome friend and this class's grader, for putting up with my very-last-minute and past-last-minute questions. I owe you bagels!