Monday, June 27, 2005

Kurt Visits; Swimsuits Suck

Yesterday my high school friend Kurt (who has an internship with Boeing in the area) dropped by to visit. He brought over The Life Aquatic, which was interesting... but I think I liked it, overall.

Kurt, Forrest, and I wandered down to the clubhouse afterward. We showed him around, then chatted for a bit. It was drizzling off and on, so the clubhouse's covered spa was especially inviting. I rolled up my jeans and dangled my feet in the spa — so warm! Kurt had to go back home, but Forrest and I stayed at the spa.

Digression to how much shopping for swimsuits sucked earlier that day. I went to four different stores looking for a swimsuit that fit. One of said stores was a swimsuits-only store, with quite a selection. None carried anything that really fit, and the ones that were closest were really expensive — we're talking $60-80 here, for a freakin' swimsuit. It looks like if I want a swimsuit, I'm going to have to ask my mom to sew me a custom one.

Back to dangling my feet in the spa. Since the beginning of the day, I had wanted to go in the spa; hence the depressing smimsuit-shopping. And now with it right there, I was very tempted to just jump in anyway, fully clothed. I eventually talked Forrest into being ridiculous with me; we emptied our pockets and jumped in. Being defiant* and all, I enjoy doing such things that aren't normal per se by society's conventions. But we double-checked the listing of all the spa's rules (including a ban on anyone with communicable diseases using the spa), and in the whole long list, it said nothing about proper attire (or attire at all, really, so it doesn't necessarily ban skinny-dipping, either).

While in the water (sooo warm, mmmmm, may have to go back...), street clothes really weren't much less convenient than a regular swimsuit. It probably would have been more annoying if we'd been in a pool proper, doing actual swimming and such, but for lazying about in a spa, it was no big deal. And the walk back up from the clubhouse to the apartment was surprisingly non-icky. It was drizzling again by that time, but we were already soaked. Wind would have been bad, though, I s'pose.

All in all, I recommend the jump-in-the-spa-anyway method of spending a Sunday evening. :)

* My MSN project lead called me "defiant" after I made a wallpaper for my work machine that said — written in the shape of a flower — "no flowers." He had told me the previous day that I could do any sort of customizations I wanted to my computer... except that flowers were forbidden. Thus "no flowers." He's a cool guy. :)

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Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

"... It looks like if I want a swimsuit, I'm going to have to ask my mom to sew me a custom one...."

Noooooooooooo! Yo' Mama is NOT gonna sew you a custom swim suit. Yo' Mama doesn't DO swim suits. Yo' Mama thinks that $60-$80 for a swims THAT FITS is a financial INVESTMENT and that if you don't gain a substantial amount of weight, will last you for years! Spend the frickin' money, already! Geeeezzzz!

Lisa R said...

I must agree with Yo' Mama.

Someone, go find where the Real Lisa ran away to. ;)