Friday, June 3, 2005

Going There From Then

Even when I've holed up in my apartment working on algorithms (required to be 100% completed and 100% correct, or else I get an F — it's very all-or-nothing grading), my life is still touched by my friend's drunken antics. We'll leave aside for the moment discussions of his liver's plots to kill him before he does likewise to it, and move on to the phone call with him.

As I said before, I was alone in my apartment doing homework this Friday night, chatting intermittently with my friends online. Some time after talking with them last, I went to send them an URL for a 5-page Serenity comic preview, but I discovered that they had all logged out. Suspicious, I tried calling them.

Two of them didn't answer their phones. The third picked up, but then hung up, making much fumbling noises in the process. I tried calling him back, but I got his voice mail that time. Ten minutes later, he calls me, but he can't hear me over the noise in the background. He hangs up on me, but then calls me back a minute later.

Apparently The Gang plus Joe is seeing Star Wars III, which explains why no one else was answering their phones. And Aaron is drunk, as he announces to me, which explains why he did answer his phone in a movie theatre. ;)

Hanging up, I told him to go enjoy his movie. He replied that he wasn't understanding what was going on, but that "we will go there from then." As if that makes any kind of sense. Is this some drunken way of trying to use the phrase "let's not go there" or something, and failing miserably? Drunken Linguistics might be an interesting field...

Update (Sunday, 1:53 AM): Linkified my post.

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Aaron *@ said...

For the record, I answered my phone because it's the only way to get it to stop ringing. When I was talking to you, I was in the lobby. And I have no idea what the fuck I was trying to say either. I passed out shortly after that phone call.