Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lawn Mowers

I've been trying to get back to sleep since 7-something this morning. Damn lawn mower has been mowing all the grass in the complex, but I think he's been spending extra time and care on the lawn directly beneath my window. I finally got out of bed to shut the window, but it didn't really help with the noise much.

So I waited until 8, when the housing office opens. Our tenant handbook says quiet hours are supposed to last until 9 o'clock, so I asked them why, then, they hired their lawn mowers to do their thing consistently before that time. (They've annoyed me before, but I've generally tried my best to go back to sleep.) They told me, quite politely at least, that they would call the complex's office and ask them not to do that before 9 anymore.

I don't really know how business-run housing works, bureaucratically-speaking. Are they likely to ignore me? Will it increase my chances of them actually not doing this for a while if I call back today to "check on the status of my request"? *grumble*