Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Locked Out

Feeling sick again today, I got a taxi home after lunch. Since I had carpooled in with Forrest and Shane today, I stopped at Forrest's building to drop off my car keys, so they could drive themselves home at the end of the day. Of course, I forgot to remove my apartment keys from my keyring before handing the keys over. I only realized that I didn't have them when I got out of the taxi in front of my apartment. Bah!

I'm currently blogging from the office at my aparment complex's clubhouse, waiting for the office staff to return from their lunch. They're supposedly going to be back at 1:10, but I don't believe them, seeing how it's 1:20 now. I'll camp out on their couch until someone returns. Hopefully, they deal with lock-outs all the time and this won't be a big deal.

Update, 1:33 PM: All is well. The office gave me an extra key, so I blog to you from my apartment. Whew. Lying around sick on their couch didn't sound like a whole lot of fun; I'd much rather lie around sick on my bed here.